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Are Powder-Coated Kettlebells Really Better Than Painted?

Are Powder-Coated Kettlebells Really Better Than Painted?

How To Choose the Right Kettlebell Coating For Your Home Gym

Kettlebells have gained popularity as a powerful fitness tool, thanks to their compact size and workout versatility. These multipurpose darlings of the workout world can help you build strength, tone your body, burn fat, lose weight, boost cardiovascular fitness and maintain healthy joints.

When you’re gearing up for a kettlebell workout, the last thing you want to worry about is your equipment’s performance. Choosing the right type of kettlebell for your fitness goals can have a big impact on your comfort—and your results.

Let’s compare two of the most popular options, powder coated kettlebells and painted kettlebells.

What is a powder-coated kettlebell?

Most kettlebells are made of iron, either gray iron or ductile iron. Gray iron is most common (and cost-effective). To protect the cast iron surface from rusting and corrosion, the kettlebell is coated. 

A basic painted finish is the least expensive coating. The surface is painted smooth, similar to taking a can of spray paint and applying it to bare metal. This makes it easy to clean, but prone to rust and damage over time.

Powder-coated kettlebells are electrostatically charged. This charge attracts a dry paint-like powder shot from a special application gun. Then the kettlebell is placed in an oven, where the surface cures and hardens.

Benefits of a powder coat kettlebell finish

A powder-coated finish has three big benefits over paint: durability, grip performance and value.

  1. The powder coat process results in a hard, long-lasting and more protective coating than a painted kettlebell. Painted kettlebells can be prone to chips, rust, and other defects over time. A powder-coated kettlebell resists chipping, scratches, peeling, cracking, rusting and corrosion.

This allows for a longer lifespan and more pristine appearance, especially after hours of rigorous use in home gyms or commercial fitness centers.

  1. Better grip. The ideal kettlebell grip is not too smooth and not too rough. A grip that is too smooth can result in hands slipping when wet, possibly causing damage or injury. A grip that is too rough can cause skin irritation. You need a grip surface that’s just right, with enough texture but minimal friction on your hands. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to complete kettlebell swings during a sweaty workout, only to have it slip and slide in your hands.

The matte texture of a powder coat finish allows for a better grip and aids in heavier workouts compared to a glossy painted finish.

Painted kettlebells may be easier to clean due to their smooth surface, but most athletes  prioritize a good grip—even if it means taking a moment to wipe down leftover chalk dust after a workout. Thanks to the ideal texture of powder coat, though, you may find it unnecessary to chalk a powder coat surface regularly.

  1. Best value. While the price point of a powder coated kettlebell is slightly higher than a basic painted kettlebell, the longer lifespan means you’ll get more use out of a powder coat surface. It’s the more cost-effective choice over time.

There are pricier surface options on the market, such as e-coat, rubber or urethane kettlebells. These alternatives are not as popular and can be hard to find, due to lack of demand.

Better grip, better value

There will always be a market for basic painted kettlebells, especially among beginner weight trainers, because of their entry-level price point. But for most fitness enthusiasts, powder-coated kettlebells hit the sweet spot on pricing, functionality and durability.

When it’s time to outfit your home gym equipment, powder-coated kettlebells are the cost-effective choice, perfect for training indoors or out.

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