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Who is Blue Lakes Iron?
Why did we decide to make kettlebells?
What makes our iron kettlebells better
Why Made in the USA cast iron matters

Who is Blue Lakes Iron?

We’re the fitness equipment branch of a highly respected 65-year-old American foundry, located in the heart of sand country.

Our high-quality cast iron kettlebells are made in the USA, rooted in the hardworking legacy of Midwest iron foundries. The foundry produces best-in-class iron castings for a wide range of industries, including automotive, industrial, construction and more.

Every piece of iron that leaves our door includes impeccable attention to detail and a no-holds-barred customer service commitment.

Why did we decide to make kettlebells?

As fitness enthusiasts and iron experts, our team saw an unfilled need for cast iron kettlebells made in the USA.

Remember the kettlebell shortage of 2020? Most fitness weights are manufactured overseas. During the pandemic, the overseas supply chain disappeared. There was simply nowhere to buy kettlebells. It was even impossible to find used kettlebells for sale.

The unfortunate result? Fitness goals went unachieved. Personal bests were left unmet.

We formed Blue Lakes Iron to make the best cast iron kettlebells on the market, right here in the Midwest USA. No overseas supply chains.

Whether you’ve been kettlebell training for years or are new to the fitness world, you’ll find the right weights for your workout. Our kettlebell weights are perfect for home gyms, personal trainers and commercial gyms. And they’re always in stock.

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What makes our kettlebells better?

Blue Lakes Iron kettlebells were impeccably designed with real-world input from professional trainers.

Quality and comfort rule. We understand that you’re serious about building strength and burning fat. You need premium kettlebells that stand up to high use and lots of repetitions. That’s why our skilled craftspeople have an unrelenting commitment to quality. Plus, we offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE for extra peace of mind.

Our kettlebells are designed for maximum comfort during strength training. You can focus on your movements, not worry about readjusting your hold.

  • Comfortable handle grips stay consistent in diameter as weight increases. Perfect for all hand sizes to lift and swing.
  • Flat sides eliminate uncomfortable contact with wrists and forearms during kettlebell use.
  • Wide handle opening lets you use 1 or 2 hands.
  • Flat base stays put, doesn’t wobble.

Blue Lakes Iron kettlebells are well-balanced and cast in one piece. No rough edges, seams or welds. The smooth powder coat finish has the perfect amount of texture to give you a comfortable grip without over-chalking. The finish won’t rust, chip or crack.

The sides are flat, with smooth recessed engraving that won’t rub on your body during workouts. The no-wobble bottom is machined flat for a stable base. You can confidently push your limits and try new kettlebell exercises. From an American swing to a handstand push-up, we’ve got you covered.

Blue Lakes Iron kettlebell sets are available in 5-pound increments from 15 to 45 pounds.

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Why does Made in the USA cast iron matter?

It’s about more than American pride. Blue Lakes Iron controls our own U.S. supply chain, so our kettlebells are always in stock. They’re ready when you are, with a weight selection that lets you keep pushing yourself harder.

When you buy cast iron kettlebells from Blue Lakes Iron, you’re buying directly from the foundry where they’re made. No overseas supply chain, no middlemen, no risk of shortages or delays. Simply find the weights that fit your kettlebell workout and place your order. (link to Shop page)

Many other brands are made overseas by a few common manufacturers, then branded for U.S. resellers. Thanks to varying inspections protocols, they may arrive with shipping damage and defects. By then, it’s too late.

That doesn’t happen with Blue Lakes Iron weights. Our foundry has ISO and IATF certifications. That means we’re held to strict auditing standards for quality, environmental responsibility and employee safety.

Made in the USA also means your weights have a smaller carbon footprint, because they didn’t come from the other side of the world.

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