cast iron kettlebell made by Blue Lakes Iron sits on a gym floor. Weightlifting chalk dust is in the air.

Strength Feels Good.

  • Comfortable grip

    Surface texture gives better control in motion.

    A person wearing blue tennis shoes bends over to pick up a cast iron kettlebell while putting lifting chalk on her hands.
  • Wide handle opening

    Comfortable for moves with one hand or two.
    Opening is 5” for all weights.

    Two hands covered with gym chalk grasp the wide handle opening of a kettlebell weight.
  • Consistent handle diameter

    Handle stays 1.3” dia. as kettlebell weight increases.
    Easy for all hand sizes to lift and swing heavy weights.

    A man wearing a white sleeveless workout shirt does an arm curl with a 15lb kettlebell from Blue Lakes Iron.
  • Flat sides and base

    Flat sides eliminate rubbing on wrists and arms.
    Flat base won’t wobble

    A powder coated kettlebell made by Blue Lakes iron sits on a table in front of a white brick wall.

We make kettlebells better.

Go behind the scenes to experience the Blue Lakes Iron difference. From day 1, the focus has been craftsmanship and attention to detail. We began by asking professional trainers what kettlebell users need. Their response? Pro quality kettlebells designed for comfort and confidence. And NO out-of-stock weights, ever. Mission accepted.

Watch now to see how we make it happen.

Your Will. Our Iron.

You’ve never seen kettlebells like this before.

One-piece cast iron kettlebells, made in the USA

Engineered for max performance.
Balanced feel for better control.
Powder coated for durability.
Guaranteed for life.

A man does an overhead two-handed kettlebell swing during a strength training workout in a home gym.

Stability, comfort and confidence

No wobbles during workouts.
Handles fit all hand sizes, even on heavy bells.
Ribbed pattern is cast into bell.
Recessed engraving doesn’t rub against hands or arms.

A woman is doing pushups using two Blue Lakes Iron kettlebells in a home gym to build strength.

"Circumference of handle is good for smaller hands"

"The weight is well balanced. I like that the grip is tacky, not slippery."

"Like the look there isn't any paint to chip off or peel."

Blue Lakes Iron kettlebells in different weight increments are lined up in a diagonal row in a dark fitness gym.

Product Focus

Kettlebells made with you in mind.

  • Powder Coated

    Powder coated for a great
    grip and a durable, rust free finish that won’t chip or crack.

  • Comfortable Grip

    Comfortable grip, with a wide handle opening for performing exercises with either one hand or two.

  • Consistent Handle Grip

    Consistent handle grip diameter even as kettlebell weights increase.

  • Ribbon Pattern

    Ribbed pattern cast into both sides of the bell for better handling during multiplane functional exercises like goblet squats and presses.